Street Fighter II

Super Street Fighter II for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive is fan favorite of gamers worldwide. The game, while not as bloody and violent as its rival Mortal Combat, is an equally exciting and thrilling video game. Super Street Fighter II displayed fancy and acrobatic fighting moves and compelling characters just like the original arcade game.

As with all other games of the fighting game genre, Super Street Fighter II follows the typical formula: several characters competing at a martial arts tournament. In Super Street Fighter II the winner of the tournament has to fight the top dog, the powerful M.Bison. Returning for the Sega Genesis version are popular characters such as Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Sagat, Vega, E. Honda, and Balrog, who resembles former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson.

Super Street Fighter II features new character such as: T. Hawk, Cammy, and Dee Jay, a Jamaican rapper/musician who competes because he enjoys it.

street fighter II

The game play of Super Street Fighter II is fast and furious. Many of the characters display quick moves, punches and kicks. The character Blanka for instance, foils up into a balled-up position before leaping into action. If Blanka makes contact with an opponent they are shocked with electricity. My favorite character is Ryu because he throws a fireball while punching and has a swift and deadly kick.

To play Super Street Fighter II like a pro and master the moves, players needed to use a Six-button controller instead of the normal Genesis Three-button controller that other Genesis games required. To throw a punch, players needed to press buttons A, B, or C, which would give you either a weak, strong, or medium punch. In order to kick an opponent, players had to press buttons X, Y, and Z for a weak, medium, or strong kick. Some characters moves where activated by pressing the directional pad of the controller.

What I liked about this game, like the other Street Fighter games, was the many different venues offered during individual completion. The game gave players the option to select the location and setting of the match. I also liked that you could compete in rematches against the same opponent. Unlike most other fighting games, Super Street Fighter II allowed players to unlock hidden characters once you reached a certain level of game play.

The soundtrack for Super Street Fighter II was similar to the music used in the arcade and Super Nintendo versions. The selection of the music was scene and character based and changed with each stage and fight. The soundtrack is what make Super Street Fighter II more enjoyable than other fighting games of the era.

Super Street Fighter II for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive remains popular today with new and old fans alike. The game is still available on the Sega Genesis, as well as the Nintendo Gameboy, Since the release of Street Fighter II the game has been remade several times for many different game systems Super Street Fighter 17 is available for computer download and Super Street Fighter II Arcade is available on the PlayStation 3.

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Mortal Kombat

Hailed as one of the greatest fighting games in video game history, Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis revolutionized the fighting game genre forever. Released in 1993, Mortal Kombat introduced graphic violence and lots of blood to the video game world.

Although it has been almost 20 years since I was first introduced to the game, I still remember my cousins, asking me and my brothers if we wanted to play with the “blood code” keyed in. The blood code feature allowed parents to block the violent and bloody aspect of the game by entering the code into the console. Most kids, however, disabled the code as soon as their parents left the room.

Compared to its rival game Street fighter 2, Mortal Kombat was very slow and the moves were complicated. One move required the player to press two to three buttons to complete it. In order to skillfully play the game you had to use a six-button controller instead of the three-button controller required by most Sega 16-bit games. For instance, to perform a high punch you had press the X button. Other controller buttons for Mortal Kombat are as followed: A to perform a low punch, Z to perform a high kick, C to perform a low kick, B and Y were used to block kicks and punches.

Mortal Kombat

The storyline of Mortal Kombat was very similar to other martial arts games and movies. Players competed in a martial arts tournament for the glory of being proclaimed the best fighter in the world. Fighters, such as Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and Kano had its own personal history and back story much like a movie. Personally, the game was more like the movie “Blood Sport” than the “Karate Kid” because of the huge amount of violence and death. As I recall no one died in the “Karate Kid.”

Further, when an opponent is near defeat, an announcer on the game utters the games signature phase: “Finish Him,” which urges the winning player to finish off his opponent with a “death blow.” The death blow was a combination of moves performed with precision that knocked out or killed your opponent.

Mortal Kombat’s soundtrack left a little bit to be desired. The music was so bad that we often turned it off, so we wouldn’t have to listen to it. The soundtrack was a collection heavy metal mixed with music from the Orient. This soundtrack was distracting and interfered with my concentration. The publishers of Mortal Kombat missed the mark with the music in creating an authentic martial art tournament atmosphere.

Today, Mortal Kombat remains one of the most popular fighting games. The series is now available in an up to date version on Sony PlayStation 3, as well as the original Sega Genesis game. A PC version is also available for download online. Although newer more modern versions of the game exist, I still prefer playing the Sega Genesis game, not just for nostalgia, but also for the traditional gaming experience.

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NHL 95 For Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis’ NHL 95 is considered by many to be the best 16-bit hockey game ever. In my opinion it was just adequate. I am still a big fan of its predecessor NHL 94. To be honest I still played the 94 game just as much as I played NHL 95. Compared to other hockey games released at that time, NHL 95 was still superior. This game had everything you expected from an EA Sports game. Fast game play, simple controls, good graphs and a booming sound track.

The key feature that made NHL 95 a winner was its unique season play. The game allowed players to play a complete season with more than one team. Something no other game had at the time. I would often play seasons with the New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings season after season all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. The other features of the game were, in my opinion, not that great, but adequate.

Game speed of NHL 95 was excellent when compared with other hockey games of the era. Gamers today will find the game slow and choppy. I found this game to be one of the fastest hockey games I played on Sega’s 16-bit system. It certainly was and improvement speed-wise over NHL 94.


NHL 95 also had one of the widest and longest rinks of any video hockey game that I have ever seen. Even today’s hockey games don’t have large rinks. The larger ice made it easier to make plays behind the net. Further, more rink created more open ice and more offensive creativity, Of course, the downside was that defense was extremely difficult. Players on defense often missed body checks because the greater ice space allowed offensive players more room to avoid big hits.

Another feature that NHL 95 had that not many other hockey games of the time had, was four player mode. Four players, using Sega Genesis’ multi-player connector, could each control a player individually. The only bad part about this feature was that once you selected a player it was difficult to switch to another player. No other hockey game made by EA Sports then or now has this feature.
The overall game controls for NHL were fluid and responsive. Unlike other games of the era, did allow gamers to effectively maneuver and skate. The improved maneuverability made it easier to handle the puck, avoid big hits, shoot the puck, check players against the boards, poke check and block shots on defense. Other Sega Genesis games in the NHL series did not have the same maneuverability as NHL ’95. The computer was a bit tougher in NHL 95 than NHL 94.

The most disappointing aspect of NHL 95 was that there was no fighting. As a gamer who loves playing hockey games fighting is one of the best features of EA Sports hockey games. In short, it adds more realism to the game. Besides if you are getting beat badly at least you can give your opponent a beat down. This is why I didn’t NHL 95 as much as I liked NHL 94 and other Sega Genesis hockey games made by EA Sports. All and all NHL 95 is a very good game for its time, but it is certainly no classic.

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Batman For Sega Genesis

Out of all the Batman games for the Sega Genesis the original one is the most entertaining. It combines smooth gameplay with a clean looking design, and an all around good time. The game itself isn’t very long, and you can probably play through it in a day or two without a problem, but you will enjoy the journey.

Audio and Video

The appearance of Batman is one of the best things about it. The levels are all put together seamlessly, and they are varied enough to feel like you are actually getting somewhere in the game. This same level of diversity can not be seen in the character design however. Most of the characters look the same, with only minor adjustments between them. Between different levels you will have the pleasure of watching specially crafted cut scenes that are pretty entertaining. The soundtrack only provides a few different sounds throughout the game and all in all there really aren’t any surprises to expect with it.

Batman Sega Genesis


The gameplay is where this old school game truly shines. You are given the ability to jump, punch, kick, and toss batarangs out at the incoming enemies. The controls are very easy to use and they work well for the game. As you progress through the game the enemies become more intelligent and combine crouching and jumping to their attack regime for a more difficult fight. The most entertaining parts of the game for me were the driving and flying levels. They combine high powered vehicles with a smooth side scrolling display that made for a very enjoyable time. I got a kick out of slicing through helicopters and tanks with the heat seeking missiles and I would be happy to play the entire game over again for these few stages. I also liked how the game follows right along with the 1989 movie it was modeled after. You move along from the factory and on to the museum and finally finish the game up at the tower just as the movie occurred.

There were a few downsides to the game for me, but most of those can be overcome by changing some settings. The bosses have terrible A.I. but they still manage to be difficult because you often get handicapped. Boss fights can be demoralizing until you know exactly what you are supposed to do because your health is cut down and you can be dropped in mere seconds. If this is frustrating you, you can increase your health level to make things a little more manageable. The game also flies by in record time and then you are left with a finished game and nothing to do. This too can be remedied by ramping up the difficult to hard, and by not continuing a level after you die.

Other than those small problems the game is a true pleasure to play and I would recommend it to anyone with a Genesis console lying around and even a modest amount of free time for gaming.

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Burning Force For Sega Genesis

If you have ever played Space Harrier then this scrolling space shooter should look very familiar to you. It does its best to follow in the very popular footsteps of Space Harrier and falls a bit short. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t get this game because it is enjoyable to play. Lets get right in to what makes this game tick.


The graphics in Burning Force are pretty basic. The backdrop of the levels is pretty boring and you will be looking at a set of very similar wavy lines throughout all of the levels. There aren’t any character animations on your airbike and for the most part the whole thing is pretty boring to look at.

Burning Force Sega Genesis

The character models are the exception for the games graphics. The enemies are well designed and they add color to the monotonous backgrounds. There aren’t any special effects with any of the weapons in this game.


To be honest the sound track is one of the best aspects of this game. While playing through the levels I found myself paying more attention to the music that was playing than I was to the gameplay itself. Even if you don’t like space shooters very much I would encourage you to get the game for its soundtrack because it’s really that enjoyable.
The actual sound effects in the game are a completely different story however. There is a small set of very generic sounding explosions that leave much to be desired. At least you will have good music to listen to and it pretty much drowns out the lame effects anyways.


The gameplay is the most important thing when it comes to a game and the gameplay in this is just mediocre. You are given three different weapon choices to pick from which helps to make the game a little more interesting. You have a very narrow beam that is high powered, a wide beam that is weak, and a mix between the two to choose from. You will also have access to a few different missiles that you can find throughout the levels.

Basically your objective in this game is to blast away everything that comes in your path. You won’t be moving at high speeds, and there aren’t a lot of pulse pounding moments. For the most part you will just be pounding away wave after wave of enemies and destructible objects, which is rather enjoyable for a time. There are several mini bosses throughout the game that change things up a little bit, and the end boss all provides an enjoyable challenge.

If you like space shooters I would recommend getting this game for a single play through. It isn’t one of those remarkable games that you will find yourself playing through several times. You may even find yourself getting tired of the monotonous gameplay before you reach the end of the game, but this game will be enjoyable for those who are dedicated to the genre.

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John Madden Football 96 For Sega Genesis

John Madden Football 96 ‘for Sega Genesis is a 16-bit classic. Since its release in 1995, Madden 96’ continues to trill fans who are nostalgic for back in the day gaming. Unlike the popular games of today, Madden 96 is simplistic in its game play and graphic design.

The game features authentic offensive and defensive playbooks, player specific touchdown celebrations and a scouting combine that increases a created players ratings with the completion of football related drills.

Madden 96’ game play is similar to previous Madden games, but the 96’ version is much faster. The overall reaction of the players for computer controlled players and user-controlled players is quicker. The enhanced game speed also allows defensive player to catch offensive players from behind with speed burst, which is activated by pressing the X button.

The graphics of this Madden is similar to Madden 94’ and 95.’ Very simple and block like. Oftentimes, it is difficult to distinguish one team from another. The game also has graphic glitches that made it difficult to see the fly of the ball during passing plays. This visual impairtment made it hard to catch the ball as a receiver or intercept the ball as a defensive player.

John Madden Football Sega

In addition to the aforementioned features, Madden 96,’ also introduces new features such as, left handed quarterbacks, salary cap, and 240 redesigned Madden playbook. These new features enhance the realism of the game. This feature resolves the issue of earlier games, which is the representation of left-handed quarterbacks as right-handed. The salary cap is an excellent feature added to the franchise mode. This feature gives players a sense of what real-life general managers do: sign players as free-agents, release players or trade players in order to stay below the salary cap. The new redesigned plays are the best feature of all because it provides players the opportunity to call NFL-like offensive and defensive plays from authentic team specific formations and sets.

Player creation in Madden 96’ also added a since of realism to the game and the football gaming world. This version of Madden allowed gamers to create players and then enter them into the scouting combine for review by scouts. If a created player performs the scouting drills well, it will raise the created players’ position in the draft. The scouting combine drills are: the 40-yard dash, obstacle course, and individual position drills. This is a cool feature that enhances the NFL experience for gamers.

Madden 96’ is still a highly enjoyable game for those nostalgic for old school game play. The experience is not dampened by Madden 96’s graphical challenges. The new features that were added to game gave this Madden version a state of the art feel for its time. The new redesigned playbooks, salary cap, and scouting combine provided gamers with a complete pro football experience from a coaching and general manager prospective. This is a game that can still enjoyed today from time to time when you are looking for a change from newer games.

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Altered Beast For Sega Genesis

One of the first games to come out with the 16 bit Sega Genesis, Altered Beast showed gaming fans what was possible in the new realm of improved sound and graphics. Unfortunately, many gamers were forced to wonder if this was much of an upgrade. Was Altered Beast a significant improvement over the NES cult classic Werewolf? From a gameplay standpoint, Beast was undoubtedly solid, but the graphics and sound didn’t seem like a particularly impressive leap from NES classics like Super Mario Brothers 3 and Zelda: A Link to the Past. Still, the game had plenty of room to stand on its own merits, even if it failed to electrify gamers looking for the home arcade experience.

For an 8 bit game, Altered Beast sported impressive, highly attractive graphics. For one of the first shots fired in the 16 bit era, most gamers would have to admit it landed with a bit of a thud. One would be hard pressed to compare it especially favorably with NES titles like the Ninja Gaiden series. Still, judged in their own respect, the graphics were fine. They certainly compared well to the Neo Geo arcade version of the game, of which this was a more or less direct port. The enemies faced are rather repetitive in terms of variation, but that’s something nearly every game from this time period suffers from, so it’s really no skin off the back of Altered Beast.

altered beast

Of course, what really matters in any game is the play itself. The story of Altered Beast is convoluted and rather unnecessary to enjoying the game. Suffice to say, it doesn’t particularly lend itself to a lasting mythology. You are a centurion who has been raised from the dead to save Zeus’s daughter from the underworld. Along the way, you face such predictable villains as skeletons and demons from the sky. The occasional wolf will also make a play for your head. Speaking of wolves, we have the game’s primary hook. While battling (punching and kicking your way through the level’s endless supply of baddies), you will come across power ups. Touch these orbs and you will become bigger and stronger. Touch three of them and you will change into the titular beast himself. As this werewolf, your powers are multiplied. You can shoot energy, rush across the screen in a running attack, and jump further and higher than you could as a mere man. You are, however, still roughly as susceptible to damage.

The game is a product of its time when it comes to length. This isn’t a sandbox game, by any means. The goal of Altered Beast is to make it through each level, defeat the boss at the end, and continue forward until you have the opportunity to face Neff, Lord of the Underworld, and take back Zeus’s daughter. Unless you are a savant or have access to cheat codes, it will take you a long time to finish this game. Not because of the depth, but because of the difficulty.

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The Sega Genesis

Welcome to, a website that is devoted to everything regarding one of the greatest gaming consoles ever created, the Sega Genesis.  We’ll provide the history of the Sega Genesis in later posts, we simply wanted to introduce ourselves here first.  This website is going to be devoted to the history of the Sega Genesis, its games, and just as importantly, we will provide a place for people to buy, sell, and trade games as well.

So if you’re a fan of the Sega Genesis, an owner, or looking to invest in one, be sure to continue to check back as we have no doubt you’ll like what this website turns into.

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